Explosive Rockabilly, sweeping’n‘ swinging Rock’n’Roll  and three harmonizing voices tuning Doowop, stand for the SINNERS from Hamburg for meanwhile 25 Years and turned this trio to one of the best acts in this genre! The energetic show of the SINNERS took the band round Germany and to Austria and Italy for so far.


The Band

Are they really sinners? This is only known by themselves – but they’re always worth a sin. Spending one night dancing to the rhythm of the band, tires the whole next day and makes wounded feet, but instead of this a nearly never ending smile in the face at work – all this happens by visiting one of the numerous performances of the Sinners. And then you’re sure: more, I want more. The start of a wonderful addiction…

On 3rd September 1994 the band was born. Since that time Tino, Matthias and Andreas are on stage first in their hometown Hamburg and afterwards in many other parts of Germany and Europe. You will find a successful mix of famous hits of former times, wonderful original compositions and songs of the modern age dressed up in a garment of Rock’n’Roll, Doowop and Rockabilly  in the rich musical repertoire of this trio.

Their concerts make you feel like being back to the fifties…and although the band-members were not born at this time, the Rock’n’Roll is in their blood.

Just as varied as the show is the audience. In front of the stage there are older fans reminiscing the old days and teenagers who don’t always want the same top ten-tones of the up-to-date charts. Whatever you are: young or old – everyone gets one’s money worth – and always likes to come to the next show.

At least a striking special feature of the band: The three guys handle their instruments virtuoso and they’re using their voices excellently. They are performing wonderful acapella-songs. The variety of the musicians makes every performance different and never arises any boredom.


Tino Mario Nehring

Tino Mario Nehring was born on 30th October 1965 in Hamburg. At the age of 12 he got his first guitar, a “Hopf-Concert-Guitar”. Together with his classmate Martin Wichmann he started playing the guitar in a school-workshop and afterwards he improved his style on his own.

Together with Martin Wichmann, Lutz Vangelista, and Ricardo Quirch, Tino founded the student-band “Johnny & The Skyriders” in 1979. In this formation Tino enjoyed his first 15 years of musician-experiences by having many of performances. By then, having performances with Chubby Checker, Jackie Lee Cochran, Ben Hewit, Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry, he featured a quite successful musician-career.

Over the years the instrumentation of the drums and bass had been changed and Wilfried Flindt (drums) and Andreas Rüsken (double-bass) became the new members of the Skyriders.

On a temporary job for one performance Matthias Harder played the drums. Shortly after the dissolving of the Skyriders, Andreas and Tino founded together with Matthias Harder the trio SINNERS.


Matthias Harder

He was born on 11th April 1967 at 11:55 p.m. Quick turned out to be, that he couldn’t do anything with teddy-bears and plush-figures. The real pleasure started, as his mum laid a pot and two wooden spoons into his playpen! He didn’t get only on the neighbours nerves with growing enthusiasm, fun and energy.

It beat everything as he got his first drums for kids in the age of 6 (the life of the drums was from today till tomorrow).

At the age of 13 he finally played a real drum-set in a student-band. After that he got ultimately his hotly longed for own drum-set, which he used at once in the Rock’n’Roll-band “Flying Stones” in the drying room (this band never got out of).

A short time later a trio was founded: the “Hipjacks”. In this formation and many other bands he got a name because of his unusual and sympathetic kind of playing drums.

In 1994 after a reorganization of the band “Johnny & The Skyriders” and the dissolving of the “Hipjacks” he got together with the musicians Tino and Andreas and they named this band “SINNERS”.



Tino Nehring: tino@thesinners.de
Matthias Harder: matthias@thesinners.de
Andreas Rüsken: andreas@thesinners.de